Friday, December 04, 2009

Ethical Dilemma

OK, you've just finished a six-hour bus trip and your bladder is about to burst. Yes, the whites of your eyes have already turned yellow. The moment the bus pulls into the station, you make a mad dash to the restrooms, and this scene greets you:

The charge for using the restroom is two baht (six cents).

You only have a 100-baht note ($3.50) in your pocket, and certainly need change, because the taxi is going to cost you 85 baht.

The only one in sight who can give you change is the attendant who is fast asleep. She's probably a working mom with three kids and two jobs and has just pulled an all-night shift somewhere cleaning someone's office.

Remember, your bladder is bursting. You are mere milliseconds from wet underwear.

OK, you Ethical Giants out there, what do you do?
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Anonymous said...

scream flood,flood.

Anonymous said...

It's Thailand! Go to the bsck of the building and "do the farmer thing." Who needs a toilet?

Richy J Abel said...

The lady isn't working hard enough to deserve any money : )

JD said...

Ah, "You snooze,you lose" scenario!

Anonymous said...

Use the facilities loudly so when you come back out, she's awake and can make change.

JD said...

THAT I can do!