Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Cost of Home Maintenance

The lady who owns a cow across the street from me comes by once a month to negotiate about cutting all the grass on my long plot beside the house (1.5m X 20m), to feed to her cow. Each time, I hem and haw, but then reluctantly agree not to charge her for the grass.

She pulls out her little sickle, slaves away for about an hour, and walks away with a cart-load of grass and a Cheshire Cat grin, thinking she's pulled one over the farang (foreigner), for another month in a row.

Ya gotta love this country.


unknown said...

well, that's good for you. no need to put all your energy for that. next time give her a glass of water to show your kindness.

JD said...

Probably would, except that she already gets that across the street at the restaurant she owns (where she makes at least twice my own salary). EVERYBODY pinches a baht in this economy. :-) It's a win-win situation.

Siriluk said...

Oh dear! it happened at my place too when a gardener wanted grass for free for his cows..hehehe