Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Through Thai Eyes - V

Dear Teacher,

Spending vacation on beach, jungle hiking, and swimming on Koh Lanta-- one of the most famous, beautiful, pure-natural islands in the South -- is such an excellent vacation which I've kept dreaming of. I'm not sure if I, who is NATIVE THAI, would have a chance in a life
to do like you -- to complete my dream.

Hope you do enjoy your trip and keep it as one of the impressive things you've discovered in Thailand.

Anyway, let me take you to my 'Chapter' ;

# I love America -- the well-treated environmental country. In here, Virginia, the trees are here and there. I often think that I'm living amoung the forest. Everywhere I go, it seems like the forest. And sure, I like it.

# I've noticed that American people prefer wooden houses to concrete ones. I don't know if the reason was whether woonden house could hold the warmth or prevent the cold, but I absolutely like those wooden house. The houses are usually painted in various styles and eye-grabbing colors. They look lively and noticeable in the distance. They perfectly provide colorful spots to the village or even to the forest. I like them.

# Seems like American people love the green grass. The green grass fields appear everywhere here. No bare lands (or soil) appear. No worry of the dust or mud that would always cause the trouble in rainy season like they do in my coutry. Can you figure out how dirty many buildings in our beloved university becomes during a whole rainy season? It's the muddy foot-steps here and there, all over the buildings! Anyway, with the plenty of that green grass, it looks like every American people has his own football fields on each side of his house. Do you have such that field in your house? Great! And well, I think that's why the American people can walk on every space of the house (even in the bed rooms) with the shoes underneath their feet despite of they were walking outside of their places for a whole day! If they were in Thailand, I cannot imagine how much certainly dirty the houses would become if they did like that! Yak!

# The American people love driving. Everyone drives. Once I asked my colleague who is a high-school student how she goes to school, she said she drives to school every day. Wow! If in Thailand, the high-school students (or even the collegians) driving to school are often considered the rich persons or even hi-so ones! It doesn't seem strange here, right? Well, I think you also got used to driving since you began attendind high-school as well. But, according for your stay
in Thailand, how did you get used to riding the (Thai) motorcycle? Did it take you a long time to succeed your riding? Did you get used to riding through strong sunny-day, hot weather, vehicles' smoke and the flying dust around you in Thailand? Amazing!?!

# The people always greet the other on the streets (or everywhere else) whether they would know each other or not. I think it's good. It keeps me warm and makes me not feel like I'm a stranger for here. If in Thailand, Greeting the strangers is what would make those people feel in the negative way to us.

The time flies pretty fast. There's only one and a half month left for me to work and gain the unforgettable experience in USA.

I love America.

From Your Student


lillian said...

love reading the letters :-) thanx for posting them !!!

witheringintuition said...

Thank you again for sharing these letters with us. I greatly enjoy seeing America from this perspective. It reminds me of what I sometimes overlook and take for granted!

trangam said...

Nice to read your posts and these fine letters again. Do you know what happened to Kitjar's blog? Its dissapeared... Hope all's well...