Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What Thai Students Really Want

What does a 19-year-old Thai university student really want in life? In two of my English conversation classes, I asked the question: “If you were granted two wishes, what would they be?” Students responded anonymously on small slips of paper, and then after collecting them, I read their wishes to a very attentive class. Here’s a sampling of their answers:


I wish…

…that I will get a pretty boyfriend.

…my true love came with a nice guy.

…I lived with my boyfriend in Korea.

…I could find the most beautiful girl who would love me.

…I could find a soul mate.

…I could say “I love you” to someone I have a crush on.

…I married Prince William.


I wish…

…my parents could live with me forever.

…my parents could live in my dormitory with me.

…good health for my family.

…my family had enough money.

…bad luck didn’t happen to me and my family anymore.

…I lived in my family’s hometown.

…I had more time to spend with my family.

…I had more time to do everything for my family.


I wish…

…I could be stronger.

…I was taller.

…I could be more confident.

…I had much more knowledge.

…I were more intelligent.

…I was luckier

…I could be more beautiful.

…my body could be a better shape.

…I could be a nice boy for everyone.

…I was a good guy.

…I were a dancer.


I wish…

…I could travel around the world.

… I lived in America.

…I could study abroad.

…I was an actress.

…I were a Ninja.

…Thailand had snow!

…for world peace.


I wish…

…I had my own BMW car.

…I had a good job in a good company.

…I worked a part-time job.

…I could get a lot of money (more than a million).


I wish…

…for a grade “A” in Basic English Conversation class. (at least 5 students)

…I could be better at English.

…I could study better than last semester.

…I could find something…

…I could ask for many more wishes.


A few thoughts to ponder--

How many of these wishes do you identify with?

How many of these wishes could have originated from just about any university classroom around the world?


Chaichakri said...

Even, after leaving university for almost 5 1/2 years, these are still some of my wishes!

Isn't it strange that finding a soul mate is on nearly everyone's wish-list! It definitely ranks high for me... hee hee

The rest, such as financial wealth or attaining the six-pack hard body is all about hard-work and determination, not so much on making a wish... hee hee

JD said...

Yeah, and I reminded them that that "A" they wished for in my English class is ALSO about hard work and determination!

him said...

Ahhh a Ninja. Isnt that at the top of everyone's list? :)

JD said...

Him: Oh yeah, definitely one of those secret desires in all of us. I even struggled toward my yellow belt in karate until I realized not everyone was meant to fulfill his/her Ninja destiny... *smile*

trangam said...

I identify with many of these wishes. And me too! I wanted to be a Ninja. I probably would be a sleepy eye Ninja because I spent two years of my early mornings looking through pillow as my friends practised his martial arts each morning.

Anonymous said...

soul mate huh?
well, it seems to be the only thing that i can't get by just working hard. :)